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Occly™ is a wearable personal safety device specifically designed to be a visual deterrent. It can be worn on the body or clipped to an accessory. Occly is armed with a panic button, four cameras that record around you, sirens, a microphone, LED lighting, wireless capabilities, and a number of automatic alarm sensors.  

When Occly alarms, it sirens and illuminates alerting people in the immediate area, while continuing to record audio and images. All relevant information including images recorded before and during the alarm are sent in real-time to our 24-hour emergency response center. During the alarm, Occly’s trained staff assesses the emergency situation by reviewing the images and live audio recordings. At the same time, our staff contacts and provides assistance to the customer, and dispatches local authorities to the emergency location.

Occly is a personal bodycam with an enhanced panic alarm system.

    Four Cameras

    See How Occly Works

    Watch our short 2 minute video showing the features and benefits of using Occly. You'll learn more about this amazing wearable device and what it can do to enhance your personal safety at home, on-the-go, or when you travel.

    The Details:

    • Designed as a Visual Deterrent
    • 4 Built-In Cameras
    • Live Audio Capture
    • Panic Button
    • Water-Resistant
    • Impact Sensor
    • Available in Black or White
    • Measures: 2.9” x 1.9” x 0.7”
    • Weight: 2.5oz
    • Up to 8 hrs of Continuous use
    • Bluetooth Connectivity
    Features CrowdWise, CrowdHelp & HomeWatch to keep you safe.

    Mobile Safety App

    • CrowdHelp™ notifies users of an alarm in the immediate area
    • CrowdWise™ allows users to mark areas of suspicious activities
    • Provides location based crime data
    • Send text alerts to family or friends
    • Customizable user preferences
    • Intuitive mapping capabilities



    Available for both Android and iOSunknown

    24 Hour Real Time Monitoring

    Real Time Alarm Images, Live Audio, GPS, Customer Info


    Notifies Occly Users of an Alarm in the Immediate Area.


    In Home Protection Utilizing Occly Motion and Sound Detection.

    Occly is passionate about providing wearable personal safety devices that help empower lives. We take your personal safety seriously, that’s why our products are designed to keep you protected wherever you take yourself.

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    MSRP $199. Delivery - June 2017.

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