Occly is armed with, a panic button, four cameras that provide nearly 360 degrees of coverage, sirens, and a microphone.

About Us

When our team came together, it was to accomplish one mission: Create the most comprehensive wearable safety device available. We come to work because we are passionate about providing wearable personal safety solutions that offer people an increased level of protection that help enhance their every day lives.

Throughout the last several years, assaults, thefts, and other violent crimes have been increasing at an unprecedented rate. Our goal is to help empower people against this epidemic by creating a personal safety product that will help people to have the confidence wherever they go.

To accomplish this, we spent countless hours working to perfect Occly and the final result is a wearable personal safety device unlike anything else on the market. In a critical situation, Occly can be a lifeline to personal protection and a form of self defense. Featuring 4 cameras, live audio recording, a panic button, flashing LED lights and 24/7 emergency response, its the ultimate way to keep safe and secure, anytime, anywhere. 

“We owe a huge thanks to our partners and community for joining us on this awesome journey, and we hope you will continue to be a part of our story” – Team Occly

Occly is passionate about providing wearable personal safety devices that help empower lives. We take your personal safety seriously, that’s why our products are designed to keep you protected wherever you take yourself.

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