Frequently Asked Questions

What is Occly?

Occly™ is a wearable personal safety device specifically designed to be a visual deterrent. It can be worn on the body or clipped to an accessory. Occly is armed with, a panic button, four cameras that record your surroundings, sirens, a microphone, LED lighting, Bluetooth capabilities and a number of automatic alarm sensors.  All Occly devices have a 1 year warranty.

How does Occly work?

Occly is connected via bluetooth to our mobile application on your smart phone. The mobile application works in harmony with the device and receives and sends various information back and forth. During the alarm, the mobile application receives the alarm notification and then alerts our 24-hour emergency response center.

What happens during an alarm?

When Occly alarms, it triggers sirens and lights alerting people in the immediate area, while simultaneously recording images and audio around you. All relevant information, including images recorded before and during the alarm, are sent in real-time to our 24-hour emergency response center. During the alarm, Occly’s trained staff assesses the emergency situation by reviewing the images and live audio recordings. At the same time, our staff contacts and provides assistance to the customer, and dispatches local authorities to the emergency location.

Who can receive an alarm notification?

In addition to the alarms notifying our 24 hour emergency response center, our users also have ability to notify friends or family of an alarm. During the alarm, each friend or family member on the contact list will receive a text notification.

How do I pre-order Occly?
For a limited time, we are offering Occly at the pre-order discounted price of $149 (MSRP is $199). You can purchase the device here. We anticipate shipping to begin April 2017*.
Where will Occly be sold?

Occly will be sold at select retailers in the US and on-line through our website. A list of authorized retailers will be available soon.

Does Occly work with any Smart Phone?

Occly will work with most Android or Apple phones.

How long does Occly stay powered on a full charge?

Depending on user settings, Occly can run continuously for 6 – 8 hours on a full charge.

What happens to my pictures and audio files?

These files are securely stored on the Occly server. These pictures are available to the user for retrieval.

What happens if I mistakenly depress the panic button?

You will have several seconds to cancel the alarm. This will notify the monitoring center of a false alarm.

What happens if my Occly device is stolen or destroyed by the perpetrator?

If the device is stolen/destroyed during an alarm event, Occly already will have taken, recorded, and sent pictures and audio files to our 24 hour monitoring center. These pictures will have already recorded the perpetrator and the event. The pictures will be available for you or local authorities for retrieval.

What happens if I lose my Occly device?

The lost device can be disassociated from your account and a new device can be linked. 

What are the ways an alarm can be triggered?

Occly has several ways for the alarm to trigger. Most commonly, the alarm button can be depressed on the wearable or through the phone application. The alarm can also be triggered if the perpetrator pulls Occly off of the user. Lastly, the device has built-in intelligence to recognize if the user has fallen down or experienced a sudden impact - which also causes it to alarm.

How are the pictures files secured?

Occly encrypts each picture and audio file as it’s being taken. These pictures are decrypted only when they reach our secure server.

Do I need a subscription for the Occly device to work?

No, however to allow for full capabilities and 24 hour monitoring of the device, a subscription is required.

What does the monthly subscription include?

The subscription includes 24-hour monitoring and response services, image and audio recording and retrieval, and several other custom features.

How much does the monthly subscription cost?

Depending on the type of subscription the user chooses, the cost will be between $9.95 - $14.95 per month.

Where will the Occly device work?

Occly will work anywhere in the US.  International expansion in 2017/2018.

How long does it take to activate my subscription?

As soon as you complete your registration and pairing of Occly to your mobile device, you will be up and running,  monitored and protected.  Registration only takes a few minutes. 

Occly is passionate about providing wearable personal safety devices that help empower lives. We take your personal safety seriously, that’s why our products are designed to keep you protected wherever you take yourself.

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