Service Industry, Delivery Professionals,Construction & Utility Workers

Occly is the perfect personal safety device or personal protective equipment (PPE) for a variety of service industry professionals, including delivery personnel and repair technicians. A repair or delivery may be in a less than ideal location that can increase the need for personal protection. Occly is a great safety solution that can help service industry professionals feel safe and secure while they go about their work day.

Construction workers often have dangerous jobs or can be working in unsafe job-site locations. In the event of an on-site accident or emergency situation, the Occly solution can reduce emergency response time by quickly dispatching appropriate first responders to the scene.

Occly’s cameras and sensors can keep you and your team safe.

Taxi Driver & Rideshare Safety

Drivers can be faced with belligerent or harmful passengers. When placed inside the vehicle, Occly works as an in-car safety device for rideshare and carpool with its four cameras and live monitoring to watch over the driver and their passengers.

If at any time, a driver feels threatened, they can push the panic button and Occly will immediately notify our 24-hour monitoring center of the distress, while simultaneously transferring live images and audio. During a vehicle accident, the built-in Occly sensors automatically trigger an alarm, sending the notification to our emergency response team.

Occly is not permanently mounted in the vehicle and installs in seconds. Simply attach your Occly to the windshield mount and you are all set.


Leasing Agent & Realtor Safety

Crimes against real estate professionals continue to rise causing a need for personal safety devices. Hosting open houses, going to listing appointments and visiting vacant properties alone are all routine tasks. Although routine, these tasks can create unsafe or dangerous situations for agents. Having an Occly can provide an extra layer of security that can provide agents with the confidence to work in any environment at any time.

Security Professionals

Security guards can be sufficient in making customers and employees feel at ease and deter possible threats. Occasionally security guards can be left helpless during a situation that is beyond their control. Occly is like having another set of eyes and ears waiting as back up. Occly makes emergency back up just the push of a button away.


Teachers & Educators

Parents rely on teachers to not only develop their children academically, but also to safeguard them from harm. Crimes on and off campus against teachers has created the need for increased teacher safety in schools and colleges. Occly becomes an always available instant alert system that is there when you need it.

With the help of GPS location and live monitoring, Occly can help quickly notify the appropriate first responders and provide them real-time on scene information.

Occly is passionate about providing wearable personal safety devices that help empower lives. We take your personal safety seriously, that’s why our products are designed to keep you protected wherever you take yourself.

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