Student Safety

At some point, most students will find themselves walking through campus alone. Whether it is a late night at the library or an evening out with friends, walking alone can easily lead to an unsafe situation. Having the added personal protection of an emergency alert device or personal alarm system like Occly is a great way to increase campus safety for students and peace of mind for parents and loved ones.

There is no other personal safety or personal protective equipment (PPE) like Occly that delivers images and audio in real-time to professional monitoring anywhere you go.

Runners, Walkers, Cyclists

Outdoor enthusiasts can often find themselves in compromising situations. Running or biking in an unfamiliar area, or walking alone after work, warrants having a personal alarm or body camera in case of an emergency situation. You never know when you might have a bicycle accident or be in a situation that requires a call for help. Occly’s advanced sensors automatically trigger the alarm during a high impact accident. Occly is a great way to protect yourself when you want to safely enjoy your everyday activities.

Wherever you go Occly can be there with you. With 4 cameras and audio recording, Occly is the most comprehensive personal alarm system available.


Everyday Commuters & Urban Lifestyles

Living in an Metropolitan area and commuting on public transportation can often lead to some very unsafe situations. It is sometimes easy to find yourself walking home alone from the train or accidentally ending up in a questionable area. Occly is a great safety solution and personal security alarm for these types of situations.

First and foremost, Occly is a visual deterrent which can be used as a first line of personal defense. At night, Occly’s array of LED’s illuminates your area to ward off potential threats .

In the event that something does happen, unlike mace, pepper spray, or a taser device, Occly visually and audibly records your surroundings and sends that information along with your alarm notification to our emergency response center which dispatches local authorities. Occly also flashes and sounds on alarm calling people to the situation.

Mature Adults & Seniors

Getting older does not have to mean a lack of freedom. Most mature adults want to maintain an active, independent lifestyle without the need to worry about taking a walk in the neighborhood or a drive around town. With Occly, seniors can go about their daily routines and know they are protected a state of the art personal safety system in the case of an emergency situation.

With the panic button close by, and our 24 hour monitoring, Occly can provide a quick emergency dispatch in the case of a fall or other life threatening situations. This enables mature adults to live the independent lives they deserve while providing their family members comfort knowing their loved ones are safe. Occly is an advancement beyond typical medical alert systems in the case of a medical emergency. 


Business Travel & Home Protection

Business travelers often stay at hotels in unfamiliar or even unsafe areas. In these cases, being alone inside your hotel room can be an unsettling feeling. Occly, with its sound and motion detection feature, makes one of the best ways to stay safe when you travel. Occly can easily be converted from a wearable personal safety device to an in-room personal security system.

Occly is also perfect to use as a home security solution for small living spaces. It can provide night time security and peace of mind at home while you are asleep. The four cameras which record around you, live audio capture and sirens make this more than just a personal safety device, but also a great home security system. 

Occly is passionate about providing wearable personal safety devices that help empower lives. We take your personal safety seriously, that’s why our products are designed to keep you protected wherever you take yourself.

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