“The most comprehensive personal safety device on the market.”
- American Security Today
Occly Blinc Devices

Your Personal Bodyguard.

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Occly Blinc Devices
Free Device - When You Buy 1-Year of 24/7 Emergency Response Service.

The BLINC is the most advanced, personal security technology in history,
built to protect kids and college students 24/7, whether at home or on-the-go.

how it works
how it works
4 built-in cameras
24-hour live monitoring
live audio capture
loud sirens
impact sensors

“I have been in Law Enforcement for 27 years and have never seen a product that was a complete package of self-preservation and emergency alerting all wrapped into one. I was setting one up this morning and hit the alert button. Within seconds, a young lady was calling to make sure everything was OK. OUTSTANDING product and service. My wife, 11-year-old son and myself will use these with confidence!”

- Craig D.

Chicago, IL


“I was worried about my daughter’s safety when she went to college. Sexual assault is a real issue on college campuses. But the Blinc gave me peace of mind. Now I know she’s protected.”

- Jennifer K.

Chicago, IL


“I didn’t want my kids to walk home from school because of the problems in my neighborhood. But with the Blinc on their backpacks, predators wouldn’t dare get close to them.

- Liang P.

Boston, MA


The Blinc is a wearable personal safety system specifically designed to be a visual deterrent. It can be worn on the body, clipped to an accessory or placed on a stand for home defense. Blinc is armed with a panic button, four cameras that record in every direction, sirens, audiorecorder, LED lighting, wireless capabilities, and several automatic alarm sensors.

When the Blinc alarm is activated, the device sirens and illuminates, immediately alerting people in the immediate vicinity, all the while continuing to record audio and images. All relevant information, including images recorded before and during the alarm are sent in real-time to our professional, 911 response center.

During the alarm, Blinc’s trained staff assesses the emergency situation by reviewing the images and live audio recordings. At the same time, our staff contacts and assists the customer, and dispatches local authorities to the emergency location.

24/7 Monitoring
24/7 monitoring
24/7 Monitoring

In a life-threatening emergency every second counts. During an alarm, our 24/7, professionally- trained Agents will immediately respond to your distress notification, and will have your contact information, medical detail, location and real- time images and audio.

This level of information enables our Agents to rapidly and effectively respond to your help call. The Agent will make every attempt to contact you and notify local authorities, dispatching them to the scene (if required), while also contacting your friends and family to update them.

Mobile App
app screens
Mobile App


Allows users to mark areas of suspicious activity.



Notifies users of alarms in the local area.

crime index


Provides users with location-based crime data.



Home security using Motion and Sound Detection.

app screens


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