What is Occly Blinc?

Occly Blinc is a wearable alarm system specifically designed to be a visual deterrent. Blinc can be worn on the body or clipped to an accessory. It’s armed with an alarm button, four cameras that automatically record your surroundings, a microphone, sirens, LED lighting, and automatic alarm sensors. When you activate the alarm button a notification is sent to your contacts and/or the Occly 24hr professionally staffed monitoring center. 


How does Blinc work?

When powered on Blinc starts recording the events (through the cameras) around you and stores everything on the device. Blinc is Bluetooth connected to the Occly safety app on your smart phone. The mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The mobile application works in harmony with the device and sends/receives various information back and forth. During an alarm the mobile application alerts your contacts and our 24-hour emergency response center. Only at the time of alarm are the images and audio files securely transferred in real-time to the cloud.


What happens during an alarm?

When the Blinc alarm is activated it initiates sirens and lights alerting people in the immediate area while simultaneously sending images and audio recordings to the cloud.

With premium service all relevant information including your location, contact info, images, and audio recorded during the alarm are sent in real time to our 24-hour emergency response center. Occly’s trained staff assesses the emergency situation by reviewing the images and live audio recordings. At the same time, our staff contacts and provides assistance to you and dispatches first responders to your location. 

Basic service will notify your contacts of your alarm along with your location.

The images and audio files are always available through your account portal shortly after the alarm sequence.


Who can receive an alarm notification?

In addition to the alarms notifying our 24hr emergency response center, you also have the ability to notify contacts,  friends, or family of an alarm. During an alarm each contact will receive a text notification that includes your location.


Where is Blinc sold?

Blinc is available for purchase on the Occly website. The Blinc will be available at our partner retailers soon. A list of authorized retailers will be available soon.


Does Blinc work with any Smart Phone?

Occly will work with most newer Android or Apple smart phones


How long does Blinc stay powered on a full charge?

Depending on user settings, Blinc can run continuously for 7 – 9 hours on a full charge.


What happens to my pictures and audio files?

All images are stored on the Blinc device until an alarm event. During the alarm, these files are wirelessly transferred to Occly’s secure cloud and accessible through your account portal.


What happens if I mistakenly press the panic button?

You will have several seconds to cancel the alarm by entering your personal identification code on the mobile app screen. This will notify the 24-hour monitoring center of a false alarm.


What happens if my Blinc device is stolen or destroyed during an alarm?

If your Blinc is stolen/destroyed during an alarm event, alarm notification, images, and audio files will have already been sent to the cloud and our 24-hour monitoring center. The images will be available to you for retrieval through your account portal.


What are the ways an alarm can be activated?

Blinc’s alarm can be activated in several ways. This can be accomplished by double-clicking the alarm button on the device, or by double-tapping on the alarm button on the mobile app. The device also has impact sensors that recognize if the user has fallen down or experienced a sudden impact - which also causes it to alarm. Lastly, the HomeWatch feature enables the cameras to use motion and sound detection to activate the alarm. This is beneficial when using Blinc for home security.


How are the images secured?

Blinc encrypts the images and audio files when stored on the device. They are decrypted only after they are transferred to Occly’s secure cloud servers.


Do I need a subscription for Blinc to work?

No, however to allow for full feature capabilities and 24-hour monitoring service, a premium subscription is required.


What does the premium subscription include?

The subscription includes 24-hour monitoring and emergency response service and HomeWatch feature (allowing the Blinc to be used as a home security system).


How much does the monthly subscription cost?

Premium subscription service starts at $19.95 per month.


Where will the Blinc device work?

Blinc will work anywhere in the US. International expansion is scheduled for 2018.


How long does it take to activate my subscription?

After completing your registration and pairing of Blinc to your smart phone, you will be up and running, monitored and protected! Registration only takes a few minutes.